Financial Information 

Financial Statements

Under the Central Bank Act 1942 (as amended) the Central Bank of Ireland is required to prepare a report on its activities during the year. The Annual Report contains information on the financial operations, including Statements of Accounts for the relevant year.

Plans for Major Capital

The Central Bank of Ireland is currently developing a new city centre head office at North Wall Quay. The new building is designed to ensure the achievement of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability into the long run.

Payments for Goods and Services

List of Payments Q2 2016

List of Payments Q3 2016

List of Payments Q4 2016

Governance Board Member Remuneration

The Annual Report publishes information on the remuneration received by Members of the Central Bank Commission. The Annual Report also provides information on governance, including information on attendance at Commission and committee meetings. 

Funding/Sponsorship of Non-Public Bodies

The information for 2016 will be published in due course.