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Date of NotificationIssuer NameHome Competent Authority
05/04/2013AB SVENSK EXPORTKREDIT - Unlimited Programme for the Continuous Issuance of Debt Instruments (04 April 2013)Luxembourg
20/06/2013APPLE INC. - Employee Stock Purchase Plan, as amended through March 8, 2010 (The "ESPP") (20 June 2013)France
17/05/2013AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND BANKING GROUP LIMITED, ANZ BANK NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, ANZ NEW ZEALAND (INT'L) LIMITED – US$60,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme (16 May 2013)United Kingdom
06/06/2013Supplement dated 05 June 2013United Kingdom
21/06/2013BARCLAYS BANK PLC - Global Structured Securities Programme (10 June 2013)United Kingdom
25/06/2013BARCLAYS BANK PLC - Global Structured Securities Programme (14 June 2013)United Kingdom
05/06/2013BARCLAYS BANK PLC - Global Structured Securities Programme (14 May 2013)United Kingdom
21/08/2013BARCLAYS BANK PLC - Global Structured Securities Programme (19 August 2013) Luxembourg
14/05/2013BAYERISCHE LANDESBANK - EUR 60,000,000,000 Debt Issuance Programme (13 May 2013)Luxembourg
14/05/2013Registration Document dated 13 May 2013Luxembourg
14/05/2013Securities Note dated 13 May 2013Luxembourg
14/05/2013Summary Note dated 13 May 2013Luxembourg
27/05/2013Supplement dated 27 May 2013Luxembourg
15/07/2013Supplement dated 15 July 2013Luxembourg
26/04/2013BERTELSMANN SE & CO. KGAA - EUR 4,000,000,000 Debt Issuance Programme (26 April 2013)Luxembourg
04/06/2013BNP PARIBAS ARBITRAGE ISSUANCE B.V.; BNP PARIBAS; BNP PARIBAS FORTIS FUNDING & BGL BNP PARIBAS - Note, Warrant and Certificate Programme (03 June 2013)France
25/07/2013Supplement dated 24 July 2013France
13/08/2013Supplement dated 12 August 2013France
24/05/2013BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION - 2006 Global Employee Stock Ownership Plan, as amended and restated effective as of July 01, 2011 as further amended January 1, 2013 (23 May 2013)France
28/06/2013CITIGROUP INC. - U.S.$110,000,000,000 Programme for the issuance of Euro Medium-Term Notes, Series B (27 June 2013)Luxembourg