The Central Bank Commission 

The Central Bank Commission was established by the Central Bank Reform Act 2010 and is responsible for ensuring that the statutory functions of the Bank are properly discharged. It consists of the Governor and two Deputy Governors of the Central Bank, the Secretary General of the Department of Finance, and six members appointed by the Minister for Finance. Click on the images of the members below to read a short biography. You can also read more about the Commission's role, minutes, committees, and Code of Ethics.


Philip R. Lane 

Governor of the Central Bank (Chair)


Alan Ahearne

Re-appointed March 2015

for 5 years 

Patricia Byron

Appointed January 2014

for 5 years 

Blanaid Clarke

Re-appointed October 2013

for 5 years 

Sharon Donnery

Deputy Governor, (Central Banking)

John FitzGerald

Re-appointed October 2015

for 5 years 

Des Geraghty

Re-appointed October 2014 for 5 years 


Derek Moran

Secretary General, Department of Finance

Cyril Roux

Deputy Governor, (Financial Regulation)

Michael Soden

Re-appointed October 2014 for 5 years

Secretary of the Bank



Neil Whoriskey

Head of the General Secretariat Division