Corporate Social Responsibility 






The Central Bank places a strong emphasis on working responsibly. As a public institution, we understand that our work has an impact on the environment, the communities in which we operate and our stakeholders and we believe in carrying out our duties in a socially responsible way.

The Central Bank’s mandate is to safeguard stability and to protect consumers. This mandate is underpinned by the Bank’s vision of being trusted by the public, respected by our peers and providing a fulfilling workplace for our people.

The Central Bank is committed to carrying out its statutory and administrative responsibilities in a way that delivers benefits for all stakeholders, including employees, the environment and the community around us. 

As a knowledge-based organisation, we understand that our people are our most important asset and we are committed to making the Central Bank a fulfilling and inclusive place to work.

We work to ensure that all of our administrative functions and the production, issue and processing of banknotes and coin are conducted in an environmentally sound manner.

The Central Bank is committed to supporting the community, both at local and national level, through educational outreach programmes, charitable donations and staff volunteering, with a focus on education, employability and being a good neighbour.

To assist in achieving our objectives and to adhere to best practice, the Central Bank is a member of Business in the Community Ireland.

The Central Bank approach to CSR operates under 5 key pillars:

  1. Workplace

  2. Environment 

  3. Education

  4. Community

  5. Marketplace

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