Progress to Date 

December 2016

Work on the building is ongoing with the external veil being the most obvious visually. Internally, the floor plates are being populated with workstations and storage while final finishes are being applied to spaces around the atrium. The external podium is almost complete with final touches to bollards and landscaping remaining to be completed.

On 12 December the Fusion Team relocated to the 3rd floor in NWQ to test, quality assure etc. The main bulk of staff will commence occupation in the new year.

October 2016

Installation of workstations has commenced on the second and third floors. The full fit out of the kitchen has been completed. Lighting installation continues and many areas are complete. External paving has been completed on the Port side of the building. As of 30th October, 398 workers were busy on site. 



September 2016


As of September 2016, internal fit-out works are underway with the commencement of the installation of tiles and carpets. The Security Control Room equipment was successfully tested and there is continued handover of IT Hub Rooms and the Security Control Suite. The installation of the external veil is continuing on the east side of the building.


July 2016

As of July 2016, hoarding has been removed to reveal the street level view of the building. The building is now watertight. The main areas of the roof are now complete and internal fit-out works are well underway. Installation of the external veil has commenced and while it will not be markedly visible until early Autumn, a sharp eye will notice the first panels that have been installed on the roof and on the east side of the building.  

North Wall Quay Building July 2016

April 2016

As of April 2016, glazing is nearing completion. Structural works for the atrium glazing have also begun. Mechanical and electrical works are currently on-going, with works progressing well throughout the floors. The building is expected to be watertight in May.

North Wall Quay April 2016North Wall Quay April 2016

January 2016

New Central Bank building North Wall Quay 

Work is continuing on site, with the unitized glazing installation now reaching the upper floors of the building.  The next stage of the building's facade, a distinct functional metal veil, will begin to be installed in spring. Internal fit out works have also commenced and will continue across the coming months.

BREEAM Shortlisted

As our new home takes shape, it has been shortlisted for the 2016 BREEAM Awards, alongside some of the finest examples of sustainable buildings worldwide. We are nominated under the 'offices' category, facing competition from buildings in Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow, London and Bristol. You can vote for your favourite building in the awards.

October 2015


In early October 2015, the installation of the facade unitised panels commenced on site. The manufacturing process for the glass originated in Leeds, followed by cutting to size, toughening and heating soaking processes in Tipperary before reaching the Architectural Aluminum Plant in Dublin for the final assembly process of the unitised panels. This is the first phase of the facade installation. The installation of the atrium glazing will follow, this glazing system is unique to Ireland having been installed on a number of high profile international projects previously. Assembly of the bespoke external skin of the facade will commence in early 2016. 

May 2015: Construction Commences on Site


April 2015: Main Contractor Appointed

The Bank formally appointed Walls Construction Ltd. as Main Contractor for the new building on 13th April 2015. Construction works have commenced and the Central Bank anticipates to commence occupation in the new building in late 2016.

December 2014: Mock Up Erected on Exterior

In late December a test mock up of part of the new exterior was erected on the building using the proposed materials. The test exterior is 12 meters high (3 storeys), and 6 meters wide and is visible behind the hoarding along the river front. While situated on the south facing side of the building, the arrangement is similar to how the building will appear on the east and west sides. Take a look at the artist impressions of the buildings and you will see the similarities.


October 2014: Architectural Aluminium Ltd

In October 2014 Architectural Aluminium Ltd. were appointed to construct the exterior structure. 

April 2014: Planning Permission Granted

Planning permission was granted by Dublin City Council in April 2014 for our amendments to the public realm around the building, an alternative exterior design and changes to internal layouts and reorganisation of uses within the building. While the Council included some conditions in their decision; they have made no substantial changes to the Central Bank’s new design.