Progress to Date 

What’s happening in North Wall Quay now?

The final fit out of the building is continuing, which has allowed the Bank’s project team to continue the required testing and quality assurance  in advance of  staff taking up full occupancy in the coming months.

 The remaining works will  be completed in the coming weeks. The photos below show the current levels of progress.

The atrium which connects the east and west wings of the building while also providing an informal meeting space.

Atrium 1Atrium 2

The building hosts a variety of both formal and informal meeting spaces which are in the final fit out stage, some examples include the board room, informal collaboration spaces and focus rooms. 

Meeting SpaceCollaboration space


Open SpaceMeeting Room

The Governor’s office and other senior management offices are nearing completion and are awaiting furniture.

Governor's OfficeSenior Offices 

Workstations and their supporting facilities such as print stations have been installed throughout the building.

Work StationsPrint Stations

Progress in 2016

In early 2016 the last panels of the unitisied glazing were installed on the building thereby making the building ‘weather tight’ and facilitating the progressing of internal fit out works.

Following the installation of the glazing units in July 2016 the second stage of the façade, the metal veil commenced and on the roof and on the east side of the building.  

By Autumn 2016, internal fit out works were progressing well with visible finishes such as the tiles and carpets commencing installation. In addition, the Security Control Room equipment was successfully tested and there is continued handover of IT Hub Rooms and the Security Control Suite.

By December 2016, the external metal veil was nearing completion and internal works had been completed to a level to allow the Bank’s project team to be relocated to the 3rd floor in the building to progress test, quality assure etc. in advance of the wider Bank relocation in 2017.


Drone footageTrailblazersGlass

Progress in 2015

The Bank formally appointed Walls Construction Ltd. as Main Contractor for the new building on 13th April 2015 with construction works commencing on site in May 2015.

Works both on and off site progressed in 2015, including but not limited to pilling works, demolition and manufacturing and commencement of installation of the unitised panels for the exterior façade.

Crane  Exterior 5  Glass installation

A summary of the activities in 2014

In 2014, Dublin City Council granted planning permission for the Bank’s amendments to the public realm around the building, an alternative exterior design and changes to internal layouts and reorganisation of uses within the existing structure. While the Council included some conditions in their decision; they made no substantial changes to the Central Bank’s new design.

In October 2014 Architectural Aluminium Ltd. were appointed to construct the exterior structure/façade of the building and in late December 2014 a test mock up of part of the new exterior was erected on the building using the proposed materials. The test exterior was 12 meters high (3 storeys), and 6 meters wide and provided an insight  as to how the façade of the building would appear on the east and west sides.