Members of the Industry Panel 

Profiles of the Industry Panel members

  1. David Went, Chairman, former Chief Executive Irish Life and Permanent, currently Chairman of the Board of the Irish Times Ltd.
  2. Philip Brennan, Group General Manager, Regulatory and Operational Risk, AIB Group.
  3. Sean Casey,  Finance Director & Appointed Actuary of New Ireland Assurance Company plc, representing the Irish Insurance Federation.
  4. Fiona Cullen,  Irish League of Credit Unions.
  5. Tony Culley,  Associate Director, Allianz Insurance.
  6. Colm Fagan,  Former CEO, Life Strategies.
  7. Pat Farrell, Chief Executive, Irish Banking Federation.
  8. Sarah Goddard,  Chief Executive, Dublin International Insurance & Management Association.
  9. Kevin Johnson,  Chief Executive, Credit Union Development Association.
  10. Brendan Kelly,  Director of Financial Services Ireland.
  11. Pat McArdle,  Chief Economist, Ulster Bank Group.
  12. Brian McNelis,  Director–General Insurance Services, Irish Brokers Association.
  13. Paul O’Connor,  Head of Wholesale Banking and Risk, Irish Banking Federation, and Secretary of the Federation of International Banks in Ireland
  14. Carmel O’Connor,  Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  15. Aileen O’Donoghue,  Head of Strategy and Policy, Irish Stock Exchange.
  16. Eimer O’Rourke,  Head of Retail Banking, Irish Banking Federation, and Secretary of the Irish Mortgage Council.
  17. Gary Palmer,  Chief Executive, Irish Funds Industry Association.
  18. Sean Quirke,  Qualified financial adviser with New Ireland Assurance Company and an independent Mortgage Intermediary.
  19. Robert Richardson,  Chairman of the Irish Association of Investment Managers, and Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Investment Management Ltd

  Acting Secretary: Lillian Fleming, Financial Regulator