Educational resources and games 


Play the Euro Run game and learn about euro cash and its security features with Anna and Alex 

In Top Floor, you answer questions on the roles and tasks of the ECB, Eurosystem and European System of Central Banks. If you get the answers right, you can collect the Governing Council’s seven briefing documents, ahead of its meeting on the Top Floor to decide on euro area interest rates!

€CONOMIA is a game that explains, in a simplified way, how monetary policy works.

Do you know the difference between deflation, price stability, high inflation and hyperinflation? Find out on Inflation Island


Learn about our money with the Euro Cash Academy. This tool tells you about euro banknotes and their security features. It gives you a chance to learn about them either by taking a simple quiz or by exploring a virtual town square..

This kit - aimed at teachers and young teenagers - explains the importance of price stability from an end-consumer perspective. It consists of an eight-minute video, a leaflet for students, and a booklet for teachers

Inflation is one of the most important issues in economics as it affects the prices of goods and services. Simply put, inflation is the rate of increase in prices for goods and services. Learn more about inflation and see how it affects you in this short video.   

Are you looking for information and resources about the ECB? Have a look at simple explainers of key ECB terms and watch videos explaining everything from the Eurosystem to the new series of banknotes.