Management of Investment Assets 

Our investment portfolio

The Bank's investment portfolio is about €18.2 billion, comprising both foreign currency and euro-denominated assets.

The portfolio is invested in the major money and capital markets, in instruments that include deposits, other money market instruments, government bonds and other high-quality fixed income securities. We manage the portfolio by reference to a benchmark portfolio in order to maximise the returns, subject to liquidity and security considerations approved by the Commission.

Other portfolios

We also manage a portfolio on behalf of the ECB.

Following a request from the Central Bank of Malta, we also manage Malta’s share of the US dollar pooled reserves in conjunction with its own share since 1 January 2008. The €0.7 billion portfolio represents the Bank's and the Malta’s share of the Eurosystem's foreign exchange reserves.

How we manage our investment assets

This following sections describe how we manage our investment assets: