Eligible Counterparties

In order to be an eligible counterparty of the Central Bank of Ireland for Eurosystem  monetary policy operations, a credit institution must satisfy the eligibility criteria set out in Article 55 and 55a of the Bank's Documentation on Monetary Policy Instruments and Procedures (the 'MPIPs'). All of the Bank's monetary policy counterparties are required to execute the MPIPs Agreement.

Counterparties shall provide the Bank with contact details (including email addresses) for any communications relating to Eurosystem monetary policy operations and the MPIPs and are responsible for ensuring that these contact details are kept up to date. These contact details should be sent to

The rules governing the Eurosystem monetary policy operations conducted by the Bank are set out in the MPIPs. The Bank's counterparties may access Eurosystem standing facilities and participate in the Eurosystem's main refinancing operations and longer-term refinancing operations. The Eurosystem has limited the group of counterparties for structural operations to counterparties that are active players in the money market. For outright transactions, no restrictions are placed on counterparties. For foreign-exchange swaps, the institutions must be counterparties who are active institutions in the foreign exchange market.

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