Eligible Assets 

The Central Bank of Ireland is responsible for reporting eligible assets listed on the Irish Stock Exchange to the ECB. Assets are considered eligible for credit operations when their inclusion in the list of eligible assets has been published by the ECB. The updated list is made public each day at 18:00 hours CET. In order for an asset to become eligible, it must first fulfil the eligibility criteria specified in the ECB General Documentation which can be downloaded here as amended by the Guideline ECB/2015/27 which can be downloaded here.

Single framework for eligible assets

This single framework for eligible assets (also referred to as the "Single List") came into effect on 1 January 2007 and replaced the two-tier system which had been in place from the start of Economic and Monetary Union.

The single framework comprises two distinct asset classes - marketable assets and non-marketable assets.

No distinction is made between the two asset classes with regard to the quality of the assets and their eligibility for the various types of Eurosystem monetary policy operations, except that non-marketable assets are not used by the Eurosystem for outright transactions.

Additional Credit Claims - Temporary Framework

As part of the temporary collateral framework, the Governing Council has approved the acceptance of additional credit claims as collateral in Eurosystem Operations.

Further information on the Central Bank of Ireland's Additional Credit Claims framework is available in section 2 of the supplement to the MPIPs. Any queries concerning Additional Credit Claims should be addressed to ORDMonetaryPolicy@centralbank.ie.


Queries concerning eligible assets listed in Ireland can be addressed to:


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