New €10 note 

The Europa series €10 note entered into circulation on 23 September 2014.

The note is the same size and is similar in appearance to the previous €10 note, and includes a number of new security features. These include: a portrait watermark of the Greek goddess Europa; raised lines along the sides of the note; a shiny emerald colour number; and a portrait hologram of Europa.

There is no change to the status of our existing €10 notes which will remain legal tender.

To check the new note’s security features:

As with the first series of euro banknotes, the note is easy to check using the FEEL, LOOK and TILT approach.


Feel of the paper – Feel the banknote. It is crisp and firm.
Raised print – the main image, the lettering and the large value numeral feel thicker.

What’s new -
On the new banknote, there is a series of short raised lines on the left and right edges.


– Look at the banknote against the light. A faint image showing the value of the banknote and a window becomes visible.

What’s new?
– On the new banknote, a portrait of Europa is also visible.

Security Thread - Look at the banknote against the light. The security thread appears as a dark stripe and the value of the banknote can be seen in tiny white lettering.

What’s new? -
The € symbol can be seen in the security thread on the new banknote, while the word ‘EURO’ appears in the banknotes of the first series.


Hologram -
Tilt the banknote. The silvery stripe on the right reveals the value of the banknote and the € symbol.

What’s new – Portrait hologram on the new banknote, a portrait of Europa and a window also appear.

Emerald number - tilt the banknote. On the new banknote, the shiny number in the bottom left corner displays an effect of the light that moves up and down. The number also changes colour from emerald green to deep blue.