Economic Letters 

The economic letters series, which is modelled on similar type publications released by some institutions in the Federal Reserve system in the United States, comprise short notes on particular domestic economic considerations. Using standard economic approaches, relevant policy issues pertinent to the Irish economy are addressed in a concise and accessible manner. Letters will appear periodically and the publication will be an online one only.


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DateTitle and Description
Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No. 510/02/2015Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No. 5
Mortgage insurance in an Irish context by Niamh Hallissey
Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.228/01/2015Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.2
House price volatility: The role of different buyer types - Dermot Coates, Reamonn Lydon & Yvonne McCarthy
Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.328/01/2015Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.3
Assessing the impact of macroprudential measures - Mary Cussen, Martin O’Brien, Luca Onorante & Gerard O’Reilly
Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.428/01/2015Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.4
Macro-prudential measures and the housing market - Gerard Kennedy & Rebecca Stuart
Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.114/01/2015Economic Letter - Vol. 2015, No.1
Interpreting data for Ireland in international banking statistics- Dermot Coates, Mary Everett, Joe McNeill and Aoife Molone