Reporting Requirements for Electronic Money Institutions 

Regular Reporting

An authorised E-Money institution is required to submit to the Central Bank of Ireland ("Central Bank") at the frequency specified to the E-Money institution and within 20 business days of the end of the relevant reporting period a report setting out certain information.  The details to be included in the report are set out in requirement 5.4 of the reporting requirements contained in the Prudential requirements for E-Money institutions authorised under  S.I. no. 183 of 2011 - European Communities (Electronic Money) Regulations, 2011 (‘the E-Money Regulations’).  

Non-submission or late submission of returns is a key indicator in the assessment of the risk profile of authorised E-Money institutions and in deciding which E-Money institutions need to be inspected.  

Annual Accounts

The annual audited accounts of a E-Money institution authorised in Ireland under the provisions of the E-Money Regulations must be submitted to the Central Bank within six months of the relevant financial year end.  

Reporting of Breaches

E-Money institutions are required to report any material breaches of legislative or supervisory requirements to the Central Bank.

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