Reporting Requirements for Non-UCITS 

The reporting requirements for each authorised CIS are set out in the letter of authorisation issued to each scheme.  The following reports must be submitted to the Central Bank:

  • Monthly, half-yearly and annual reports of the authorised fund; and
  • Half-yearly financial and annual audited accounts of the related fund management company.

The quarterly OFII return must be submitted to the Statistics Department of the Central Bank within ten working days of the end-quarter to which it refers. 

This data should be consistent with what is reported on the equivalent monthly NAV return. 

For more information, please visit the Statistics security-by-security reporting section of the Central Bank website or contact the Statistics Department directly.

The monthly return should be submitted to ‘The Funds Team, Statistics Department, Central Bank of Ireland,  PO Box No 559, Dame Street, Dublin 2’ within ten working days of each month end from authorisation date.

A reporting code is assigned to each scheme on authorisation.

The Non-UCITS Notices set out further details of the reporting requirements applicable to each fund. 

NU 10 sets out information to be included in monthly returns to the Central Bank.

NU 11 and Appendices A and B sets out information on the publication of annual and half-yearly reports.