Authorisation Process for Moneylenders 

Prior to submitting an application for a moneylender’s licence, an applicant must publish notice of his/her intention to apply for a licence in any national or local newspaper published in the State and circulating in the District Court District where the applicant intends to engage in the business of moneylending.

The appropriate moneylending application form (new or renewal) must be completed and returned to the Central Bank of Ireland with the following items:

  1. A copy of all the terms and conditions offered by the firm
  2. Written confirmation as to whether or not, in the firm’s opinion, all terms and conditions comply with applicable legislation
  3. A copy of all agreements to be used (for example, for cash loans, credit sales etc.)
  4. A copy of the firm's repayment book
  5. An original valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. A Certificate of Incorporation and/or Business Name Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  7. A copy of the newspaper advertisement stating the firm's intention to apply for a moneylender's licence
  8. A sample form of authorisation for collectors (if applicable)
  9. A copy of accounts / returns of income.  UK companies are required to provide audited UK accounts and unaudited accounts for the Irish section of the business  

Each application is evaluated in accordance with Part VIII of the Consumer Credit Act, 1995

For new Pre Approval Controlled Functions (PCFs) being proposed, an online Individual Questionnaire (IQ) may need to be submitted for approval.

Application forms 

Download the Application Form for new applicants

Download the Application Form for renewal applicants

Guidelines on Completing and Submitting a Moneylending Licence Application

Download the Guidelines for completing applications

Regulatory Transactions Service Standards Report for October - December 2014 published

This report gives details of the Central Bank's performance against the Standards for the 3 month period 1 October to 31 December 2014.

A copy of the report is available here.