Changes or Amendments after Authorisation 

After authorisation has been granted, firms must inform the Central Bank of Ireland of any changes in relation to their authorisation such as:

Change of Trading Name or Legal Name - 

Please include a copy of the CRO certificate setting out the new trading name or legal name and your old Certificate of Registration so that it can be updated.

Change of Address or Contact Details - 

Please inform us if your address, phone number or email address has been amended. If your address is included on your Certificate of Registration / Statement of Authorisation, please forward to us your old certificate / statement so that it can be updated. 

Director Retiring or Resigning -

Please include the reasons for the retirement/resignation and if there are fit and proper issues that we should be informed about.

New Director being proposed -

An online Individual Questionnaire (IQ) may need to be submitted for approval.

New Letters of Appointment -

Please include a copy of the letter you received from the product producer. 

Appointments withdrawn -

Please include a copy of the letter from the product producer confirming the cancellation of the appointment.

Extension of authorisation (new services added) -

Please set out the reasons for requiring the new services and include your authorisation certificate if it needs to be updated.

New Statement of Authorisation/ Certificate of Registration -

Please include the old Statement of Authorisation/Certificate of Registration and set out the required amendment.

Change of person responsible for insurance mediation -

Please submit an Individual Questionnaire (IQ) and Certificate of Registration for updating.

Passporting details for Insurance Intermediaries -

Include the correct passporting form which is available via this link.

Proposed Change to qualifying shareholding -

Prior approval from the Central Bank of Ireland is required before a proposed acquiring transaction can proceed.

Click here for Application Form.

Investment Brokers/Intermediaries

There are additional ongoing requirements in relation to Investment Brokers/Intermediaries once they are authorised as set out in the Prudential Handbook for Authorised Advisors and Restricted Intermediaries.


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