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The following is a list of unauthorised firms in respect of which the Central Bank has published warning notices. The list details the date of publication of the warning notice by the Central Bank and details of the Country of Origin of the firm.

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  Unauthorised Firms - [Displaying results 41 - 60 of 271]
Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
Citilife Financial Limited24/05/2012Ireland & United Kingdom
Citystate Consulting Co.07/08/2014USA
Clanvale Securities S.A.28/02/2002Venezuela
Claridon Asset Management15/05/2013United Kingdom
Clarion Equity Management 11/07/2014Japan
Clearing Services08/03/2002Spain
Clover International Advisers12/06/2002USA
CMBS Portfolio, LLC.11/11/2013USA
Cogan Davis International06/08/2002Cayman Islands
Cohen Nesbit Group Limited07/06/2001Singapore
Colonial Tax Consultants26/09/2003USA
Connor Simmons Group27/06/2014USA
Cranley & Associates S.L.18/12/2001Spain
Cranley & Associates S.L.28/02/2002Spain
Crown Capital Management Corporation Limited09/01/2001Bahamas
CT Lambson & Associates, LLC10/09/2012USA
Currency Associates06/08/2002USA
Davidson Capital Partners03/04/2012USA
Day-Long Loans and Financial Investment 01/08/2014Ireland
Dean Witter Consultancy03/04/2013USA