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The following is a list of unauthorised firms in respect of which the Central Bank has published warning notices. The list details the date of publication of the warning notice by the Central Bank and details of the Country of Origin of the firm.

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Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
Monarch Wealth Consultants14/03/2012Japan
Montgomery Blake & Associates17/09/2009China & Singapore
Montgomery International Limited04/12/2001Gibraltar
Morgan Paris & Company08/03/2002Spain
Morgan Paris and Company06/08/2002Spain
Morgan Vanderbilt26/01/1999USA
Morrison Cross Financial Investments Limited28/02/2001Panama
Mortgage Shop London28/11/2013United Kingdom
Motoyagi and Associates23/11/2015Japan
Mr. Mark Nolan (Date of Birth 02/06/1969) a former director of Tony Bourke Insurances Limited08/01/2014Ireland
Mr. Michael Gilmore (Date of Birth 13/05/1954) a former director of Aligned Brokers Countrywide Limited08/01/2014Ireland
Murray Merger Group24/05/2012Japan
Nation Capital Group13/12/2004Spain
Nelson Capital Advisors24/05/2013USA
New Century Capital30/06/2010Austria and the United Kingdom
Olta Capital Management Inc.21/01/2010Ireland and Luxembourg
Omega Capital Management08/10/2008Malaysia
Oscar Gruss & Son Inc.01/11/1999USA
Otis KPO, LLC03/05/2012USA
Overseas Advisory Corporation10/05/1999Spain