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The following is a list of unauthorised firms in respect of which the Central Bank has published warning notices. The list details the date of publication of the warning notice by the Central Bank and details of the Country of Origin of the firm.

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  Unauthorised Firms - [Displaying results 161 - 180 of 293]
Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
London Equities18/02/2009Ireland & Belgium
London McFee Investment21/04/2010The Netherlands
Magnum Worldwide Investments05/02/1999Spain
Marcus Jones International21/09/2010United Kingdom
Mason, Tait & Montgomery Inc25/05/2001Singapore
Maxwell Finances07/11/2016Ireland
McKinley Thomas & Associates28/02/2017USA
Medical Research Associates Venture Capital Fund18/12/2001USA
Midland Partners Ltd20/11/2001United Kingdom
Milestone AMG22/06/2012Luxembourg
Millenium Financial Limited23/10/2000Uruguay
Millenium Financial Limited08/02/2002Uruguay, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore and Mexico
Millenium Financial Limited12/06/2002Uruguay, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Mexico
Millenium Financial Limited23/03/2000Uruguay
Miyako Mergers & Acquisitions24/11/2014Japan
MJM Investments17/09/2009Belgium
MMA Capital Markets Limited (also known as MMA Forex & MMAFX)12/09/2012Ireland & United Arab Emirates
Monarch Wealth Consultants14/03/2012Japan
Montgomery Blake & Associates17/09/2009China & Singapore
Montgomery International Limited04/12/2001Gibraltar