Governance and Communications

Staff involved in CSR Working Group

We employ a strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), supported by our non-profit partner, Business in the Community Ireland. Our CSR Working Group is composed of a representative group of people and chaired by our Director of Strategy and Governance. The Group meets regularly to monitor progress against Business in the Community Ireland's five strategic pillars and oversees the allocation of funding to initiatives.


The CSR Working Group reports to the Central Bank’s Senior Leadership Committee. The Group also produces a CSR Annual Report on activities for the Commission including a section in the Central Bank’s Annual Report.

Promotion of the Central Bank’s CSR activities is done via a variety of internal communication channels.  CSR is included in our induction programme, and information sessions are held to discuss and promote initiatives which need the support of Central Bank volunteers, such as Junior Achievement Ireland and the Early Learning Initiative.

Hosting Events in the Central Bank

We regularly host a variety of events including welcoming schools and local community groups. Upon completion of volunteering programmes, we invite schools in to talk about their project, tour our visitor centre and to meet with people from across our organization.

The pandemic has made it impossible for us to welcome people to the Central Bank. We have therefore focused on supporting local community groups virtually and through our staff volunteering online.

External Engagement

We strive to learn from others as well as meeting recognised standards as we seek to be and remain a socially responsible and sustainable organization. Our senior leaders speak externally on the necessity to tackle climate change, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and other related topics. We liaise with peer organisations who are also heavily invested in CSR activities to align our activities, share our knowledge and ensure we can all work in the best interest of our local communities.