Central Bank staff

Our Vision is to be trusted by the public, respected by our peers and a fulfilling workplace for our people. Serving the public interest has always been at the core of our work and for many, it is the reason for joining the Central Bank. Through our people, we make a difference – in Ireland, in our community and in our workplace.

Our people are central to our success and we are committed to providing them with unique opportunities in work, learning and development. Our belief and investment in our people enhances the services we provide to the public. Our focus on lifelong learning and commitment to personal and professional development has continued to be a key part of our offering and our culture. It is something that our employees truly value and help us stand apart as an employer. Learn more about our approach to learning and development  and career opportunities.

The backbone of our culture is the friendliness, helpfulness and dedication of our people – they are our greatest asset. Hear what some of our people have to say about working at the Central Bank.

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

We want our people to feel valued for their differences and know that their voice is heard. As we continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry we regulate, we equally emphasise its importance in our workplace and take practical steps to support an inclusive culture. This makes a difference for our people and helps them build a career they can believe in. Learn more about our approach and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Promoting Employee Well-being 

We place a strong emphasis on work/ life balance. Through our policies and more importantly, our actions, we provide our people with choice and flexibility – in how they work, get involved and feel valued outside of their role. The health and wellbeing of our people are at the heart of our employee agenda with an ongoing focus and practical help available to support all aspects of our wellbeing – our Mind, Body and Life.

We recognise the importance of listening to our people through regular two-way engagement. We are transparent in sharing our Staff Policies and information about our Salary and Benefits.

We also appreciate the personal interests that so many share, and our sports and social club, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and charitable activities reflect many of the interests of our staff.  We provide a wide range of services, benefits and initiatives to support staff with their mental, physical, social wellbeing and financial wellbeing. These include:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • A variety of employee networks.
  • Staff Mental Health Champions
  • Seminars to help support wellbeing
  • Practical advice and support through our employee assistance programme.

Each one of us as individuals, and the Central Bank as an organisation, have our own ever-extending horizons and ambitions for what we can achieve. We encourage and celebrate the growth and development of all our people – in their areas of expertise, in leadership and teamwork, and in personal insight and confidence. There is so much to experience working at the Central Bank, and some of it has nothing to do with our day jobs. A multitude of interests and hobbies are shared by our people and we have a long history of encouraging them in a wide range of events and pursuits. Find out more about working at the Central Bank.