A fulfilling workplace

At the Central Bank, we understand that our people are the key to achieving our goals. The vision of being a ‘’fulfilling workplace for our people’ underlines everything we do. As such we work to ensure that our culture and environment support not only the work we do, but our people as well.

The Central Bank is committed to employment policies, procedures and practices which promote full equality of opportunity in all areas and comply with the provisions of the Employment Equality Acts 1998 to 2011 and the Equal Status Acts 2000 to 2012.

Our work is underpinned by our principles and priority behaviours. These principles and behaviours support effective operations in the organisation through encouraging core values of respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability.

Workplace - Principals and priority behaviours

Dignity at Work

The Central Bank is committed to creating a workplace free from all forms of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or any other inappropriate behaviour that could be reasonably regarded as an affront to a person’s dignity at work.

Health & Safety

The Central Bank of Ireland is committed to providing the highest standards of safety, health and welfare in the organisation and to ensuring that all relevant statutory requirements are complied with, and that best practice is adhered to in relation to its occupational health and safety.


At the Central Bank we respect and value the differences of our employees. Employees with different experiences and attitudes bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the Central Bank, which together can create greater outcomes for the Central Bank.

We are committed to creating a supportive, respectful, inclusive, equal-opportunity working environment where every employee can reach their full potential.

The Central Bank is a supporter of the 30% Club Ireland, a movement which aims to reach a 30% female gender balance in Irish business boards and executive management level by 2020.

The Central Bank’s first formal women’s network launched in 2014. It supports female employees across the Central Bank to network, share experiences, learn from each other and maximise their potential. It gives colleagues the chance to develop skills and get involved in cross-organisation projects.

Workplace - 30 per cent club


The Central Bank encourages employees to live a positive and healthy lifestyle through holding Wellness at Work initiatives such as the Pedometer Challenge in addition to other organisational health programmes which promote awareness of health and wellbeing. Each month has a wellness theme from mental health to personal finance, from fitness to nutrition. The Central Bank also encourages employees to take part in a range of staff run sports activities.

There are healthy options available daily in our staff restaurants and our catering team have consistently been awarded the Happy Heart Healthy Eating by the Irish Heart Foundation.

Our Employee Assistance Programme allows employees and retired staff to seek assistance, advice and information for a range of personal and professional issues in a safe and confidential environment.

Wherever possible, we work to support staff by providing flexible working arrangements which take into consideration their personal circumstances. Additionally, in an effort to make our work environment more supportive, new office facilities are being trialled this year ahead of the move to our new premises in North Wall Quay.


At the Central Bank we believe strongly in the power of mentoring, as an important contributor to talent development in the organisation. The purpose of the Central Bank’s Connect Programme, our mentoring programme, is to build relationships within the organisation which give employees the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences, and to grow and develop personally and in their careers. The ‘mentees’ gain professional insight and guidance while mentors build their understanding of the challenges facing employees in the workplace.

Workplace - Connect

Personal Development

At the Central Bank we encourage our staff to take an active role in developing their careers and to share their knowledge with others. We provide access to a range learning and development programmes, mentoring, and secondments, as well as providing full support for staff who wish to go on to complete further education.

Our annual formal employee recognition scheme the ‘Spotlight Awards’ aims to showcase best practice among our employees.