External Economics Seminar Series

This page details the programme for the Central Bank of Ireland’s External Economics Seminar Series. Non-staff are welcome to attend these talks, generally given by visiting academics or staff from other central banks or research institutes.

In order to register to attend a seminar as a visitor, please register: fergal.mccann@centralbank.ie.

 Date Speaker Topic 
27 Oct 2017  Daniel Kaufmann (ETH Zurich, University of Bern) Is Deflation Costly After All? Evidence form Noisy Historical Data
13 Oct 2017  Ine Van Robays (ECB) Global Macroeconomic Model for Spillover Analysis
13 Sept 2107  Michael McMahon (Oxford) Less Conventional Monetary Economics
28 July 2017  Johannes Stroebl (NY Stern)  TBC 
13 July 2017 John Rogers (Fed Board) Monetary Policy Uncertainty
29 May 2017 Martina Lawless (ESRI) Product and Sector Level Impact of a Hard Brexit
27 April 2017 Alan Sutherland (St. Andrews Univ.) Country Portfolios, Collateral Constraints and Optimal Monetary Policy
13 April 2017 John Cotter (UCD) Integration Among US Banks
30 March 2017 Andreas Fuster (NY Fed) Regional Heterogeneity and Monetary Policy
23 February 2017 Davide Romelli (Trinity) Central Bankers as Supervisors: Do Crises Matter
16 February 2017 Ronald De Heijmans (De Nederlandsche Bank) Systemic risk using payments data
10 February 2017 Steven Ongena (U Zurich) The countercyclical capital buffer and the compisition of bank lending.
19 January 2017 Allan Seuri (University of Tampere/UCD) Outdated predictions and US monetary policy