ONR How-To Guides


The below guidance is for the Online Reporting System.

Guidance for the Portal can be found on the Central Bank Portal page.

How to Log In for the First Time | pdf 552 KB How to Reset a Password | pdf 727 KB How to Submit a General Request | pdf 536 KB How to Submit a Request about a Specific Return | pdf 519 KB How to Request to have a Return Unlocked | pdf 605 KB How to Add a User or Edit their Permissions | pdf 697 KB How to Manage User Notifications | pdf 598 KB How to Manage Primary and Secondary Contacts for Notifications | pdf 671 KB How to Set Reminders on a Firm-wide Basis | pdf 560 KB How to Set Reminders for Individual Returns | pdf 623 KB How to Request a Change of Firm Administrator | pdf 539 KB How to Create an Ad Hoc Return | pdf 392 KB