How-To Guides 


User Manual for Online Reporting System (ONR) | pdf 6648 KB How to Log In for the First Time | pdf 548 KB How to Reset a Password | pdf 723 KB How to Submit a General Request | pdf 532 KB How to Submit a Request about a Specific Return | pdf 515 KB How to Request to have a Return Unlocked | pdf 601 KB How to Add a User or Edit their Permissions | pdf 693 KB How to Manage User Notifications | pdf 594 KB How to Manage Primary and Secondary Contacts for Notifications | pdf 667 KB How to Set Reminders on a Firm-wide Basis | pdf 556 KB How to Set Reminders for Individual Returns | pdf 618 KB How to Request a Change of Firm Administrator | pdf 535 KB How to Delegate a Return Submission | pdf 440 KB How to Create an Ad Hoc Return | pdf 388 KB

Videos on how to use the Online Reporting System

The following videos provide users with a useful guide on how to use some of the functions of the Online Reporting System. Typically these videos last approximately 2 minutes. 

How to Log on to the Online Reporting System | pdf 2813 KB How to Reset your Password | pdf 2961 KB How to Create a New User | pdf 5613 KB How to Create a Request (Report a Problem / Ask a Question) | pdf 4164 KB How To Unlock a Return | pdf 3801 KB How to Finalise and Sign Off a Return | pdf 4170 KB How to Submit an Ad-hoc Return | pdf 8474 KB How to Delegate a Return | pdf 3026 KB