Payment Statistics Annual Return

Why does the Central Bank collect payment statistics?

In common with all European Central Banks, the Central Bank collects these statistics to follow developments in relation to retail payments and to inform the development of policy in this area.

Is there a legal basis for the collection of payment statistics?

Yes, payment statistics are collected under Regulation (EU) No 1409/2013 of the European Central Bank of 28 November 2013 on payment statistics (ECB/2013/43)

Who should report payment statistics?

The above-mentioned Regulation obliges all Payment Service Providers (PSP) and Payment System Operators (PSO) resident in the Republic of Ireland to report payment statistics annually.

How should the return be submitted?

The return should be uploaded using the Central Bank’s online reporting platform. The appropriate template should be submitted for the relevant reporting date(s).

2021 template | xls 741 KB 2020 template | xls 741 KB 2019 template | xls 740 KB 2018 template | xls 738 KB 2017 template | xls 737 KB 2016 template | xls 775 KB 2015 template | xlsx 729 KB 2014 template | xlsx 639 KB

Paystats notes on compilation -June 18 provide guidance for reporting institutions; in addition, reporting institutions might also need reference exchange rates for reporting transactions in currencies other than the euro.

Queries on the Payment Statistics return should be submitted to [email protected]

What is a Payment Service Provider (PSP)?

Payment Service Providers include banks, credit unions, payment institutions and e-money institutions.

What is a Payment System Operator (PSO)?

Payment System Operators manage the systems that facilitate funds transfers between PSPs.