Press releases 

This section contains press releases issued by the Central Bank.  Press releases for previous years are available by choosing the appropriate year in the drop down menu.


ECB unveils new €50 banknote

The European Central Bank (ECB) today unveiled the new €50 banknote, which will enter into circulation on 4 April 2017.

Date:05 July 2016

New research paper on default of buy-to-let loans on UK books of Irish lenders

RTP on buy-to-let loans on UK books of Irish lenders

Date:01 July 2016

Market Abuse Rules and Guidance published by the Central Bank

The Central Bank has today published updated Market Abuse Rules and Guidance, which are effective 3 July 2016.

Date:01 July 2016

Money and Banking Statistics – May 2016

Publication of Money and Banking Statistics – May 2016

Date:30 June 2016

Statement on the outcome of the UK Referendum

Statement by the Central Bank of Ireland in respect of the outcome of the UK Referendum.

Date:24 June 2016

Central Bank of Ireland Issues Warning on Unauthorised Investment Firm/Investment Business Firm

Gruber & Taylor Co (USA)is not authorised by the Central Bank as an investment firm, investment business firm or to provide investment advice.

Date:23 June 2016

Trends in Business Credit and Deposits - Q1 2016

Gross new lending to SMEs was €200 million higher in Q1 2016 when compared to Q1 2015, as draw-downs, particularly for property investment and development, continued to increase.

Date:21 June 2016

Governor Lane focusses on opportunities and risks of technological innovation in financial services

In a speech entitled Technological Innovation and Financial Services, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, Philip R. Lane, focussed on the opportunities and risks posed by technological innovation for the financial services industry.

Date:16 June 2016

Locational Banking Statistics – Q1 2016

Locational Banking Statistics detail the external positions of banking offices resident in Ireland, by counterpart country and by sector.

Date:15 June 2016

Income Statement Statistics – Q1 2015

The income statement data is collected as part of the Locational Banking Statistics by means of a quarterly statistical return submitted by all resident banking offices.

Date:15 June 2016

Trends in Personal Credit & Deposits – Q1 2016

Trends in Personal Credit & Deposits – Q1 2016

Date:15 June 2016

Director of Credit Institutions Supervision, Ed Sibley outlines priorities in first speech in the role

In first speech since appointment, says that while progress has been made, significant vulnerabilities remain due to the legacy of the crisis

Date:15 June 2016

‘Macro-financial environment improving but external risks weighted to the downside’ - Macro Financial Review 2016: I

The Macro-Financial Review offers an overview of the current state of the macro-financial environment in Ireland. Monitoring macro-financial developments and risks is an important task for the Central Bank.

Date:14 June 2016

Retail Interest Rate Statistics - April 2016

The Central Bank has published the Retail Interest Rate Statistics for April 2016.

Date:10 June 2016

Residential Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions Statistics: Q1 2016

Residential Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions Statistics: Q1 2016

Date:10 June 2016

Security Issue Statistics - April 2016

The Central Bank has released its statistics on market-based financing activities of financial and non-financial firms incorporated in Ireland at end-April 2016.

Date:10 June 2016

Deputy Governor opens Economic History Symposium, stresses role of macroprudential mortgage rules in limiting risk of future crises

Speech by Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Sharon Donnery, at the Fourth Centre for Economic Policy Research History Symposium.

Date:09 June 2016

Holders of Irish Government Bonds - April 2016

The Central Bank has published its latest dataset on the holders of Irish government bonds.

Date:08 June 2016

10 Step Guide for Micro and Small Enterprises and Guarantors

The Central Bank of Ireland has today published a short Guide for micro and small enterprises and guarantors

Date:03 June 2016

Investment Funds – Q1 2016

Investment Funds statistical release – Q1 2016

Date:02 June 2016