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Research Technical Paper 04RT1709/03/2017Research Technical Paper 04RT17
How does monetary policy pass-through affect mortgage default? by David Byrne, Robert Kelly and Conor O'Toole
Public Statement on Drimnagh Credit Union07/03/2017Public Statement on Drimnagh Credit Union
The Central Bank of Ireland has fined Drimnagh Credit Union Limited €125,000 and reprimanded it for two breaches of the Credit Union Act 1997 and five breaches of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010.
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 401/03/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 4
The macroeconomic effects of the regulatory LTV and LTI ratios in the Central Bank of Ireland's DSGE model, by Matija Lozej and Ansgar Rannenberg
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 320/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 3
Identifying Inter-Secotral Exposures in Ireland Using Network Analysis, by Mary Cussen
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 201715/02/2017Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2017
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2017
Public Statement on Kinsale Capital Management14/02/2017Public Statement on Kinsale Capital Management
The Central Bank of Ireland has fined Kinsale Capital Management Limited €275,000 and reprimanded it for breaches of the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007.
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 0208/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 02
Home purchases, downpayments and savings, Jane Kelly and Reamonn Lydon
Research Technical Paper 03RT1707/02/2017Research Technical Paper 03RT17
Countercyclical Capital Regulation in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model, by Matija Lozej, Luca Onorante, and Ansgar Rannenberg
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 0103/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 01
The Treatment of Global Firms in National Accounts, by Philip R. Lane
Research Technical Paper 02RT1702/02/2017Research Technical Paper 02RT17
Observables and residuals: exploring cross-border differences in Small and Medium Enterprise borrowing costs, by James Carroll and Fergal McCann
Research Technical Paper 01RT1731/01/2017Research Technical Paper 01RT17
Investment Fund Risk: The Tale in the Tails, by Frances Shaw & Peter Dunne
SME Market Report 2016H230/01/2017SME Market Report 2016H2
SME Market Report 2016H2
QB1 2017 Press Conference Transcript27/01/2017QB1 2017 Press Conference Transcript
QB1 2017 Statistical Appendix25/01/2017QB1 2017 Statistical Appendix
QB1 2017 Forecast Summary Table25/01/2017QB1 2017 Forecast Summary Table
QB1 2017 Financing Developments in the Irish Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Financing Developments in the Irish Economy
QB1 2017 Domestic Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Domestic Economy
QB1 2017 Developments in the Euro Area Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Developments in the Euro Area Economy
QB1 2017 Comment25/01/2017QB1 2017 Comment
QB1 2017 An Timpeallacht Gheilleagrach25/01/2017QB1 2017 An Timpeallacht Gheilleagrach