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Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 320/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 3
Identifying Inter-Secotral Exposures in Ireland Using Network Analysis, by Mary Cussen
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 201715/02/2017Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2017
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2017
Public Statement on Kinsale Capital Management14/02/2017Public Statement on Kinsale Capital Management
The Central Bank of Ireland has fined Kinsale Capital Management Limited €275,000 and reprimanded it for breaches of the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007.
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 0208/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 02
Home purchases, downpayments and savings, Jane Kelly and Reamonn Lydon
Research Technical Paper 03RT1707/02/2017Research Technical Paper 03RT17
Countercyclical Capital Regulation in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model, by Matija Lozej, Luca Onorante, and Ansgar Rannenberg
Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 0103/02/2017Economic Letter - Vol 2017, No. 01
The Treatment of Global Firms in National Accounts, by Philip R. Lane
Research Technical Paper 02RT1702/02/2017Research Technical Paper 02RT17
Observables and residuals: exploring cross-border differences in Small and Medium Enterprise borrowing costs, by James Carroll and Fergal McCann
Research Technical Paper 01RT1731/01/2017Research Technical Paper 01RT17
Investment Fund Risk: The Tale in the Tails, by Frances Shaw & Peter Dunne
SME Market Report 2016H230/01/2017SME Market Report 2016H2
SME Market Report 2016H2
QB1 2017 Press Conference Transcript27/01/2017QB1 2017 Press Conference Transcript
QB1 2017 Statistical Appendix25/01/2017QB1 2017 Statistical Appendix
QB1 2017 Forecast Summary Table25/01/2017QB1 2017 Forecast Summary Table
QB1 2017 Financing Developments in the Irish Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Financing Developments in the Irish Economy
QB1 2017 Domestic Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Domestic Economy
QB1 2017 Developments in the Euro Area Economy25/01/2017QB1 2017 Developments in the Euro Area Economy
QB1 2017 Comment25/01/2017QB1 2017 Comment
QB1 2017 An Timpeallacht Gheilleagrach25/01/2017QB1 2017 An Timpeallacht Gheilleagrach
Quarterly Bulletin No.1 201725/01/2017Quarterly Bulletin No.1 2017
Quarterly Bulletin No.1 2017
Securities Holdings Statistics in Ireland - Introducing the Enhanced Quarterly Statistics24/01/2017Securities Holdings Statistics in Ireland - Introducing the Enhanced Quarterly Statistics
This Article presents the recently introduced Securities Holdings Statistics published by the Central Bank of Ireland, including holdings of debt securities; quoted shares; and investment fund shares and units. During the financial crisis, the availability of only limited information on holdings of securities made it difficult to identify the exposures of market participants and hindered swift policy action. This served to underscore the need for granular, security-by security information on the operation of financial markets. The collection of data on the holdings of securities was commenced by the European System of Central Banks in early 2014 in order to close these data gaps. In order to meet growing demand for information, this new data release provides detailed insights into the holdings of various financial instrument classes by Irish residents, including households and non-financial corporations. This Article examines the links between the holders and issuers of securities at a granular counterparty sector, country, and instrument level, and it explores the ongoing expansion of the reporting population.
The Aircraft Leasing Industry in Ireland - Cross Border Flows and Statistical Treatment24/01/2017The Aircraft Leasing Industry in Ireland - Cross Border Flows and Statistical Treatment
This Article examines the development of Ireland as a hub for the global aircraft leasing industry. Alongside the US, Ireland has become one of the two major centres in the world for aircraft leasing multinationals, with a significant number of the largest global entities operating here. Using a newly created internal Central Bank of Ireland database on aircraft leasing, we present the results following an analysis of leasing payments, funding flows, and counterparties. The scale of the aircraft leasing sector relative to the size of the Irish economy has the capacity to impact official statistics such as National Accounts and Balance of Payments and complicates the interpretation of movements in these measures over time. As part of this research, the Article examines changes in the statistical treatment of this sector over time arising from the introduction of new statistical methodologies and its implications for official national statistics. Finally, we summarise the possible economic contribution of the industry to Ireland’s macroeconomy and the outlook for the industry.