Consumer Protection 

The information on this page relates to the regulation and compliance role of the Consumer Protection Directorate. If you are a member of the public looking for information, you may wish to view our public information page.

Our Role

The Central Bank of Ireland has a role in ensuring that the best interests of consumers of financial services are protected.

Our objective is to have a financial services industry where consumers' interests are protected. This means that:

  • Consumers should be provided with clear, relevant and accurate information, including on cost, during the sales process;
  • Consumers should be recommended a product/service appropriate to their needs and suitable for them; and 
  • Consumers should receive a high standard of follow-up services, e.g., making a claim, making a complaint, switching product, dealing with errors, policy renewals, follow-up advice on investments/pensions, etc. 

Compliance Monitoring

In relation to consumer protection we develop, introduce and monitor compliance with our statutory codes of conduct. We also monitor compliance with other consumer protection requirements applicable to financial services providers operating in Ireland, including various European directives. We also set minimum competency standards for firms.

We monitor compliance with consumer protection requirements through:

To promote compliance, we provide feedback on themed inspections and publish the main issues on our website. Breaches of regulatory requirements are dealt with in accordance with our Administrative Sanctions procedure.

Industry information is located on the Consumer Protection section in our Business Processes.

*With effect from 1 March 2010, the statutory consumer information and education functions transferred to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. Please refer to for information.