Consumer Protection Code 2012 


      Chapter 1: Scope    

      Chapter 2 : General Principles

      Chapter 3: General Requirements                     

      Chapter 4: Provision of Information                      

      Chapter 5: Knowing the Consumer and Suitability

       Chapter 6: Post-Sale Information Requirements

       Chapter 7: Rebates and Claims Processing

       Chapter 8: Arrears Handling

Chapter 9: Advertising

      Chapter 10: Errors and Complaints Resolution

       Chapter 11: Records and Compliance

       Chapter 12: Definitions

       Chapter 13: Additional requirements for Debt Management firms

       Appendix A: Key Features Document for Tracker Bonds

       Appendix B: Personal Retirement Savings Account
       Appendix C: Non Standard Personal Retirement Savings Account

       Appendix D: Information to be provided to the consumer [Pursuant to provision 13.1]

       Appendix E: Standard Financial Statement