Non-Bank Financial Intermediation: Mapping, Risk Assessment and Supervision 

19th January 2017

This one-day conference was jointly organised by the Statistics and Markets Supervision Divisions and gave researchers, policy-makers and practitioners the opportunity to discuss recent research findings and policy developments in the areas of;

  • (i) Mapping non-bank financial sector activity
  • (ii) Risk Assessment of Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries
  • (iii) Supervision of the Non-Bank Financial Sector.

We would like to thank both the speakers and the attendees for their participation. The official press release is available here.

Key Note

Richard Portes - Keynote Speaker; London Business School. Chair, Advisory Scientific Committee ESRB & Co-Chair, ESRB Expert Group on Shadow Banking  

Papers were presented on the impact of low real interest rates, mapping the shadow banking and insurance sectors, and risk assessment of investment funds.


Conference Slides

Session 1: Mapping Non-Bank Financial Sector Activity

Mapping of Shadow Banking in the National Accounts Framework
Christian Dembiermont (Databank Services, Bank for International Settlements)

Financial Intermediation and the Insurance Sector: Initial Thoughts in a Solvency II Context
Allan Kearns (Insurance Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland)

What 'Special Purposes' make Ireland Attractive for Debt Funding by International Banks?
Brian Golden & Eduardo Maqui (Statistics Division, Central Bank of Ireland)

Session 2: Risk Assessment of Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries

Investment Fund Risk: The Tale in the Tails
Peter Dunne (Statistics Division, Central Bank of Ireland)

An Analysis of Liquidity in Irish Domiciled Investment Funds
Kitty Moloney (Securities & Markets Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland)

Panel Discussion
Jérôme Henry (Head of Macro-Financial Linkages Division, European Central Bank)

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