Collector Coin 

The Central Bank of Ireland acts as agent for the Minister for Finance in issuing all Irish coin, both circulating and commemorative. We issue Irish collector coin products to mark specific events in Irish history of significant national importance or celebrate national treasures. Typically we launch four to five new products each year.

Currently Available Coin Sets

 2016 commemorative coins


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Please provide your name and e-mail address to the above email address if you wish to receive information about future issues of collector coins by the Bank and other numismatic events, including information about coins that remain on sale. The Bank will use your name and e-mail address as entered above to send you this communication. The Bank expects to send out no more than 12 such communications every year. The Bank will be the controller of this information and will not disclose it to any third party. You may choose to opt-out of receiving these communications at any time. If no longer wish to receive these communications, if you have any other queries or if you wish to invoke any of your rights under the Data Protection Acts such as rights of access or rectification then please send an e-mail to 


Contact Us:

  • Telephone on: 1890 307 607 (within Ireland) or +353 (0)1 2483605 (outside Ireland)
  • Fax to +353 (0)1 2955716


    Coin Design Suggestions

    The objective of our Coin Issue Programme is to develop extremely high quality coin with a theme to match. It is essential that the design is clear, understood and desirable. A Numismatic Advisory Committee has been established by the Bank to evaluate suggestions and make recommendations for themes/subjects for inclusion in our future coin issue programmes. Suggestions should be sent at least 18 months in advance to ensure that they are included in the evaluation process.

    We recognise that our customers would like to have some input into the design of our products. We welcome any ideas that you believe may have the potential to make it onto our coins. 

    You can submit your suggestions to us through our Contact Us form. Please indicate the intended year of issue for your theme at the beginning of your suggestion.