Economic Policy & Statistics 

Economic Policy

The Central Bank of Ireland undertakes data collection, statistical analysis, economic analysis and research designed to inform economic policy making across a wide range of areas.

The results of our extensive analysis are conveyed to government, the financial sector, academia and the general public through a number of different channels. Our advice is primarily macroeconomic in nature. It will have an increased focus on financial sector issues and strategic policy areas such as fiscal policy, pay developments and competitiveness. We will continue to produce macroeconomic projections for the Quarterly Bulletins and the Annual Report.

We will also continue to present technical research results in our Technical Paper series and in special articles in the main publications.

We will also interact with work in the financial stability area, developing a new approach to stress testing, work on housing and credit and provide general research support.

While we have always had formal high-level meetings with policy makers as a channel for communication and exchanging views, we intend to expand this role and to seek advice and views of other informed commentators. In particular, we will develop our interaction with academia and other research bodies.


We will continue to provide informed commentary and analysis based on the significant and increasing volume of financial statistics collected.

These statistics are essential in influencing the decision making process of other policy makers, financial market participants and the public both at domestic and international level.

We will also contribute to the development of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) statistical framework, particularly in relation to new requirements for the European Systemic Risk Board.

Where necessary we will develop statistical databases and other dissemination methods to enhance the availability of information required for policy makers and analysts.