Economic Policy  

Our Role

The Central Bank of Ireland undertakes substantive economic analysis and research on the Irish economy, designed to inform economic policy-making across a range of areas. Work is organised around the analysis and forecasting of short-term developments in the Irish economy, analytical work on key areas and issues in relation to the Irish economy and the development of forecasting tools and models to support this work.

Regular macroeconomic forecasting exercises underlie the projections for the Irish economy and the analysis of current developments and prospects published in the Central Bank’s Quarterly Bulletins. In addition to the forecasting exercises, analytical and research focussed work on key issues in relation to the Irish economy is also undertaken. In the main, this focusses on fiscal, labour market, inflation, trade and competitiveness issues. There is also on-going development of analytical tools and models to support this work.

These outputs are also used to enhance the effectiveness of the Bank’s participation in key areas of the economic work of the Eurosystem, through inputting into regular Eurosystem economic forecasting exercises, contributing to the work of ECB research networks and through extensive participation in ESCB and EU Committee structures. 

Economic Policy Publications