The Central Bank produces a number of publications which reflect the work of the organisation.   You can navigate to the category of publication you are looking for from the left navigation bar on this page. 

Our economics publications include quarterly assessments of the Irish economy (Quarterly Bulletins), in-depth economic research of a technical nature (Research Technical Papers), essays on economic issues of national or international interest (Economic Letters) and assessments of financial stability (Macro-Financial Reviews).  

Our Insurance Statistical Data is also available in this section and in the Corporate Publications category you can find a number of publications including our Annual Reports and our Strategic Plans.  

   Publications - [Displaying most recent 15]
DateTitle and Description
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 930/09/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 9
Housing market developments and household consumption, by Daragh Clancy, Mary Cussen and Reamonn Lydon
Research Technical Paper 13RT1430/09/2014Research Technical Paper 13RT14
Housing Market Activity and Consumption: Macro and Micro Evidence, by Daragh Clancy, Mary Cussen and Reamonn Lydon
Research Technical Paper 11RT1424/09/2014Research Technical Paper 11RT14
'EIRE Mod- A DSGE Model for Ireland' by Daragh Clancy and Rossana Merola
Research Technical Paper 12RT1424/09/2014Research Technical Paper 12RT14
'The Effects of Government Spending in a Small Open Economy within a Monetary Union' by Daragh Clancy, Pascal Jacquinot and Matija Lozej
Insurance Statistics 201317/09/2014Insurance Statistics 2013
Insurance Statistics 2013
 Research Technical Paper 10RT1416/09/2014 Research Technical Paper 10RT14
A long-run survival analysis of corporate liquidations in Ireland by Robert Kelly, Eoin O Brien and Rebecca Stuart
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 8 20/08/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 8
Irish SME property exposure: what do we know? - Fergal McCann & Tara McIndoe-Calder
Research Technical Paper 09RT1407/08/2014Research Technical Paper 09RT14
ECB Monetary Operations and the Interbank Repo Market by Peter G Dunne, Michael Fleming and Andrey Zholos
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 7  05/08/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 7
Mortgage Repayments after Permanent Modification - Anne McGuinness
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 630/07/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 6
Corporate Liquidations in Ireland - Eoin O'Brien & Rebecca Stuart
Quarterly Bulletin QB 328/07/2014Quarterly Bulletin QB 3
Quarterly Bulletin Number 3 for the Central Bank of Ireland 2014
Ireland and the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure24/07/2014Ireland and the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure
The Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP), introduced in late 2011, is one of the key components of the reformed European economic governance framework. With its goal of ensuring that macroeconomic imbalances do not emerge as they did in the 2000s, the MIP is part of a strengthened EU economic surveillance framework and is designed to complement the revised Stability and Growth Pact. While it is not clear to what extent the presence of an MIP in the last decade would have reduced Irish imbalances before the financial crisis, it would, at the very least, have placed more of a spotlight on credit and competitiveness developments. With Ireland exiting its Economic Adjustment Programme in December 2013 it is now subject to the MIP. There has been a reduction in the scale of Irish imbalances since the recession; internal imbalances are improving but some will take time to unwind from their current high levels, while external imbalances are currently less of a concern.
Reinsurance in Ireland:Development and Issues24/07/2014Reinsurance in Ireland:Development and Issues
Ireland has the second-highest number of reinsurance companies in Europe, with its asset size corresponding to over 30 per cent of GDP. The Irish reinsurance industry plays a significant role in the global market. Using aggregated company-level data, the contribution of reinsurance to the Irish economy is shown to be relatively low compared with other insurance businesses. This article examines factors which contribute to reinsurance companies locating in Ireland, and attempts to review the potential implications for the reinsurance industry from the introduction of the new EU regulatory framework, Solvency II. The financial stability considerations arising from the location of these companies in Ireland are also explored.
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 516/07/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 5
Interest-only mortgages in Ireland - Jane Kelly, Gerard Kennedy & Tara McIndoe-Calder
Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 4 27/06/2014Economic Letter - Vol 2014, No. 4
Operational targets and the yield curve: the euro area and Switzerland - Danielle Kedan & Rebecca Stuart