Post Authorisation for UCITS 

Following authorisation of a collective investment scheme, subsequent changes to a scheme are processed, in the main, by the Post Authorisation Section of Funds Authorisation Division. 

A number of forms are available to assist in this process and these are detailed below. 

We aim to issue first comments on any changes to collective investment scheme documentation within 15 working days of receipt.

Forms applicable to Post-Authorisation

Procedure for the Appointment of a Director

To appoint a director to collective investment scheme, an Individual Questionnaire must be completed and submitted to the Central Bank via the online reporting system.

Please see new Fitness and Probity regime for further information.

Procedure for the Resignation of a Director

 Resignation of a Director (Form R)

This form is submitted along with a directors letter of resignation when a director has  resigned from the board of directors of a Fund. 

Revocation Request Procedure

This form is used in the process of a revocation of a Unit Trust.

This form is used in the process of a revocation of an Investment Company.

This form is used when a sub-fund of an umbrella Unit Trust or Investment Company is seeking withdrawal of its approval.

Procedure for Change of Service Providers

This form is completed and submitted to the Central Bank at the time of notification of a change of service provider (Trustee/Custodian, Administrator or Manager) and should be accompanied by the relevant documentation. At least six weeks notice should be given of the proposed change of service provider.

This form should be completed and received by the Central Bank before 12 noon on the date of proposed change of service provider together with the relevant documentation.

Post Authorisation amendments to fund documents

Amendments to documents previously filed with the Central Bank should be submitted accompanied with the relevant section(s) of the Fund's Application Form.

Any other Post Authorisation amendments to funds should be submitted in writing to the Central Bank.