Introduction to Retail Credit Firms and Home Reversion Firms 

From 1 February 2008, the Central Bank of Ireland is the body responsible for the authorisation and supervision of retail credit firms and home reversion firms.

A retail credit firm is a firm that provides credit (in the form of cash loans) directly to individuals, or a firm that has been prescribed as a “credit institution” under the Consumer Credit Act, 1995, as amended.

A home reversion scheme is where a consumer agrees to sell a share of their home in return for a set price. The consumer does not borrow against the value of their home but instead sells a share of their home. The home reversion company will receive the relevant share of the sale of the home when the consumer moves out of their home or dies.

A list of home reversion and/or retail credit firms currently authorised in Ireland can be accessed via the Registers section of the website.