Central Bank of Ireland 


Markets Update 

Issue 2 2017 - 13 March

Welcome to Issue 2 of 2017 of the Central Bank of Ireland's Markets Update. In the Markets Update we advise interested parties of recent policy developments related to the way the Central Bank supervises financial markets, investment funds and their service providers and investment firms. Items that may be of interest such as recent speeches are also included. Markets Update is published as required, rather than on a regular periodic basis.  Please sign up to the RSS feed if you wish to receive each issue of Markets Update.

 Central Bank of Ireland

Please note that this Markets Update is intended to be a general summary only and does not purport to constitute an interpretation of, or the Central Bank’s position on, any of the legislative provisions, rules, requirements or guidance referenced herein. In case of any doubt, you should refer to the relevant legislative provision, rule, requirement or guidance document as applicable. The staff of the Central Bank are not authorised and cannot give you legal advice; you should seek this from your own legal advisor, if required.