Reviews and Research 

  Consumers' Experience of the Motor Insurance Claims Process

Consumer Protection Bulletin - Current Account and Switching 22 November 2016

Discussion Paper on Payment of Commission to Intermediaries

  ESRI PRIC€ Lab- An Experimental Investigation of Personal Loan Choices

  Consumer Protection Bulletin - Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears May 31 2016

  ESRI PRIC€ Lab- An Investigation of Consumers' Capabilities with Complex Products 13 May 2016

  Complaints Handling in Financial Services Firms- Consumer Research 11 May 2016

  Consumer Protection Bulletin - Personal Credit 14 March 2016

  Renewal of Private Health Insurance - Consumer Research 11 March 2016

Review on Governance of Errors Processes in Bank and Insurers 8 December 2015

Consumer Protection Current Account and Switching Bulletin 3 November 2015

Information Note - Update to Current Account Customer Profiles - Consumer Protection Directorate 31 March 2015

Summary Report of the Payment Protection Insurance Review 7 March 2014

Report on the Licensed Moneylending Industry 8 November 2013  

An overview of errors notified to the Central Bank by insurance companies 15 March 2013 

An overview of errors notified to the Central Bank by credit institutions 19 March 2013

Research highlights positive experience of borrowers who engage in Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process 21 February 2013

A Review of Personal Current Account Charges 20 December 2011 

Desk Basked Review of Tracker Rate Mortgage Switches 19 August 2010 

European Communities(Payment Services) Regulations 2009

Review of the Transparency of Personal Current Accounts 29 July 2009

Sale of Investment Products 25 June 2008

Report on the Licensed Moneylending Industry March 2007