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The following is a list of unauthorised firms in respect of which the Central Bank has published warning notices. The list details the date of publication of the warning notice by the Central Bank and details of the Country of Origin of the firm.

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  Unauthorised Firms - [Displaying results 21 - 40 of 293]
Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
Borsa Financial30/06/2010Italy
Boston Private Law Group LLP03/03/2017USA
Boulton Capital Partners08/10/2008Canada
Bradford Kempner investments Limited23/10/2000Phillipines, The Netherlands, Canada
Bradford Kempner Investments Limited04/09/2000The Philippines, The Netherlands and Canada
Breder Suasso01/10/2015New Zealand
Brock Hartwick10/07/2014UK
Bull and Bear Advisory11/06/2008Ireland
Bull and Bear Capital Management23/07/2001Spain, Switzerland
Burlington International18/11/1999Hong Kong
Cambridge Capital LLC22/07/1999USA
Cambridge Global Limited18/02/2003Austria, Hungary, Italy
Capita Group15/07/2016USA
Capital Assets Limited09/12/1999Taiwan, Spain
Capital Mergers & Acquisitions 28/11/2014Japan
Capstone Financial Development23/05/2016Switzerland
Carlsson and Capehart Group Ltd22/04/2016USA
Carlton Marsh Limited05/02/2004Brazil, Panama, Singapore
Carter James SL20/11/2001Spain, USA
CB Peel & Associates22/05/2000USA