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The following is a list of unauthorised firms in respect of which the Central Bank has published warning notices. The list details the date of publication of the warning notice by the Central Bank and details of the Country of Origin of the firm.

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Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
Godfrey Brooks Investment Advisory12/05/2006Switzerland
Goff Private Equity Limited20/11/2012Ireland
Golden Star Financial Services13/02/2014USA
Goodman Hart Associates22/05/2000Spain
Gotthard Capital Partners08/10/2008Japan
Green Care Investments13/08/2009Ireland
GSG Securities01/11/1999USA
Guardian Asset Management18/02/2009Japan
Hamano and Partners 23/03/2016Japan
Hamilton International Group12/09/2013USA
Hannover & Rothchild Consultancy03/05/2012USA
Helvetia Wealth AG14/02/2014Switzerland
Hermann Brothers Group27/03/2013USA
Hopler Global Investment Group16/07/2014Hong Kong
Hunt Acquisition Group06/08/2014Japan
Hunter Rowe Financial29/01/2009Germany
Huntington Asset Management Group13/07/2007Switzerland
International Capital Trust Company Inc21/10/1999United Kingdom
International Consortium Growth Holdings21/03/2001Bahamas, USA
International Consortium Growth Holdings12/06/2002Bahamas, USA