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Company NameWarning DateCountry of Origin
Jefferson Management16/12/2003Luxembourg, Hong Kong
Jordan & Cole Investments Ltd21/04/2010Singapore, Panama, British West Indies, Bahrain & Taiwan
Jupiter Advisory01/09/2006Switzerland
Kaiser Young Associates08/11/2012Germany
Kline Management Group11/09/2002Belgium, Japan
Knowle Sachs & Company Inc.15/04/1999Cayman Islands, Phillipines, Switzerland
Kyle Robert Cawley (Date of Birth 21/02/1987) trading as Wine Street Investment Management11/02/2014Ireland
LA Policies30/04/2008Ireland
Lawrence James and Associates05/03/2013USA
Learn About Shares Limited08/12/2011Ireland
Legacy Capital Management28/06/2013USA
Lehman Reilly30/10/2012Ireland
Leighton Corporate Services, LLC.20/12/2013USA
Lincoln Ventures03/12/2008Canada
Livingstone Asset Management15/10/2002Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden
Lloyds and Associates Ltd 12/06/2002Spain
London Equities18/02/2009Ireland & Belgium
London McFee Investment21/04/2010The Netherlands
Magnum Worldwide Investments05/02/1999Spain
Marcus Jones International21/09/2010United Kingdom