Reporting Requirements for Credit Institutions  

Prudential Supervisory Reporting 

Credit institutions authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland are required to comply with our prudential supervisory reporting requirements.

How to Report

Our Online Reporting System allows credit institutions to report pursuant to the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).   In addition, returns under the Impairment, Liquidity, Deposit Protection and Large Exposures reporting frameworks are submitted via the Online Reporting System (see link below on the right side of the screen).  

Reporting Templates

Our Reporting Templates can be downloaded by credit institutions. 

Validation checks are applied in the Online Reporting System for these reporting templates.   Details on these validation checks is provided below.

COREP and FINREP templates are available from the European Banking Authority (EBA) website

Validation checks are applied in the Online Reporting System for COREP and FINREP Returns. Information on these validation checks is provided in the relevant files below.

  • CA and Group Solvency (updated version as at 31 Dec 2011 to reflect CRD III)
  • Credit Risk (updated version as at 31 Dec 2011 to reflect CRD III)
  • Market Risk (updated version as at 31 Dec 2011 to reflect CRD III)
  • Operational Risk.xls (updated version as at 31 Dec 2010 to reflect CRD II)
  •  FINREP (updated version as at 8 April 2008 - unchanged from CRD I)

From end Q4 2010, we are implementing a new ‘Report on sectoral limits’ (RSL), which will replace the existing LPR format of the Sectoral Return. It contains a revised sector breakdown which is consistent with the Statistical return SQ1 reporting framework.  A copy of the  RSL,  Sign-Off Sheet and  Notes on Compilation are available here. 

Large Exposures Reporting

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has developed common reporting templates and guidelines in relation to large exposures reporting pursuant to EU directive 2009/111/EC (CRD II). The revised large exposures regime was applied from 31 December 2010. The templates and guidelines can be accessed on the EBA website.  

The EBA templates replace the existing Central Bank of Ireland Large Exposures formats from end-December 2010 and should be submitted via the Online Reporting System. The large exposures templates, notes on compilation, validations and new clients information schedule are available below:  

Related Party Lending

The Code of Practice on Related Party Lending was updated on 27th June 2013 and came into force on 1 July 2013.

Please find links to the resultant Related Party Lending Return, Compilation Notes, New Clients Information Schedule, Related Party Lending (in excess of €1m) Questionnaire and RPL FAQs.

Reporting Requirements & Dates

Supervisory reporting for credit institutions will go through a number of changes over the coming months and years as a result of evolving regulatory requirements.  Such evolving requirements emanate from developments at both the domestic and European level. 

The purpose of this information note is to provide a high level overview of these developments and how the Central Bank is planning to incorporate the resulting changes to the regulatory regimes into its supervisory reporting frameworks. In addition, a brief update on recent developments with the Online Reporting System is included.

 Overview of changes to supervisory reporting for credit institutions - December 2010

Information on reporting dates for the current year is available in our Schedule of Reporting Dates 2014.pdf

Automatic File Upload

Data for each of the returns can be manually entered or firms can avail of an automatic file upload (XBRL in the case of COREP/FINREP returns and XML in the case of the following – Liquidity, Deposit Protection, Cover Pages, Impairment, Guaranteed Liabilities Return (relevant to certain firms) and Quarterly Summary Financial (relevant to certain firms)).

Explanatory information on  our rules on the submission of XBRL instance documents for COREP and FINREP returns through the Online Reporting system is available in   Reporting CRD Returns to the Financial Regulator in XBRL (January 2011).  

Details of XML file upload are contained in  Reporting Banking Returns to the Central Bank in XML.

And the XML schema are contained here  XML Schemas - Supervisory Returns.

Transaction Reporting

The Markets & Stockbrokers Supervision Division of the Central Bank of Ireland is responsible for the receipt and monitoring of these transaction reports. Credit institutions that have an obligation to submit transaction reports to the Central Bank of Ireland should refer to our Transaction Reporting User Guide

How to Report

Credit institutions are required to submit transaction reports electronically on the Central Bank of Ireland's online reporting system, as soon as possible and no later than the close of the day following the day on which the transaction was executed.

Credit institutions can enter data into the Central Bank of Ireland's online reporting system either by online entry or by uploading an XML file in the specified format.  The XML Schemas to be used for transaction reporting to the Central Bank of Ireland is available on our website. Download the XML Schemas

Contents of the Transaction Report

The list of fields requiring completion in a transaction report is set out in our Transaction Reporting User Guide. This guide also provides some additional guidelines on how certain fields should be populated and guidelines on how transactions in certain instruments, including over-the-counter derivatives, should be reported.


Where our validation process returns a submitted transaction report due to incorrect completion, this will not constitute the credit institution having satisfied its obligation to submit a transaction report.  The credit institution will only satisfy this obligation when the correct transaction report is received.

Additional Reference Data

Where a transaction is executed on behalf of more than one client, each constituent transaction must be reported and each ultimate client identified. 

Credit institutions are required to maintain a single reconciled database of clients, assigning client codes to each client.  This is forwarded to the Central Bank of Ireland as reference data for interpreting the client codes provided in the transaction report. 

In the absence of such a database, the credit institution is required to provide the full name and address of each client with each transaction.

CRD IV Reporting  Requirements

This document outlines the procedure for uploading test XBRL files to the test Online Reporting system (ONR).

 Online Reporting System CRD IV XBRL File Upload User Procedure Document