Explainer - How can I report wrongdoing in a regulated financial firm?


Our supervision and enforcement work is designed to make sure regulated firms and individuals obey the law and act in the best interests of consumers.

As part of our supervisory process to fulfil our mission we regularly monitor and engage with firms and where necessary carry out on-site inspections.

One of the tools we use to determine if a regulated firm might need enhanced supervision or closer inspection is by acting on information received from whistleblowers. This information can come from members of the public or individuals working inside the firm itself.

Protected disclosures

If you have good reason to believe a firm, or an individual within a firm, is involved in wrongdoing within an area we regulate, you can report it to us.

Such reports can constitute “protected disclosures”. A protected disclosure shields your identity, subject to certain exceptions, and also gives you other important protections.

If the information you provide turns out to be incorrect, the disclosure is still protected provided you had good reason to make the report.

You can also make a report anonymously. However, should you do so, the disclosure can only be considered a protected disclosure if you are currently working, or previously worked for the firm to which the report relates.

Making a report

You can report suspected wrongdoing by a firm or individual through the following channels:

  • You can email your concerns using [email protected]
  • You can telephone by calling 1800 130 014. Calls are answered Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm.
  • You can also submit your report by posting it to:

Protected Disclosures Desk
Central Bank of Ireland
PO Box 559
Dublin 1

If you are thinking about making a disclosure you should note that the Central Bank cannot give you legal advice. You should contact a lawyer if you are unsure of your legal rights.

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