PSD2 - Reporting Requirements

Directive 2015/2366/EU on payment services (or “PSD2”) was transposed into Irish law, with effect from 13 January 2018, by the European Union (Payment Services) Regulations, 2018 (S.I. No.6 of 2018, hereafter referred to as the Payment Services Regulations 2018). The Payment Services Regulations 2018 place a number of reporting requirements on payment service providers (PSPs) and the expectations of the Central Bank of Ireland in terms of PSPs meeting. These requirements are set out below.

How to submit a report

Reports can be submitted via the Central Bank of Ireland Portal.  

Further information in relation to the  is available at Central Bank of Ireland Portal. Detailed user guides are available for Article 36, Article 68 and Major Incident Reports.

The Central Bank expects firms to contact their respective supervisor in addition to submitting the initial report.

Firms to whom these reporting obligations apply and who don't currently have access to the Portal must communicate this to their supervisor.

Industry Market Sectors

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