Monthly Card Payment Statistics

The monthly card payment statistics provide data in relation to credit and debit card transactions undertaken by Irish resident households. The data includes the monthly value and volume of transactions across both credit and debit cards by Irish households. The data is collected from issuers of credit and debit cards and specifically from reporting agents that are resident in Ireland (including established foreign branches).

The aggregate data is further broken down into, remote and non-remote card spending; contactless and mobile wallet card spending; sectoral card spending; domestic and non-domestic card spending; regional card spending in Ireland; and cash withdrawals. A breakdown of the number of credit & debit cards currently issued to Irish residents is also provided.

Statistical Release & Data

March 2024 - Monthly Card Payment Statistics | pdf 817 KB Monthly Card Payment Statistics | xlsx 837 KB

Previous Related Data Sets - Discontinued 

Table A.13 Credit and Debit Card Statistics - Discontinued | xls 155 KB Table A.13.1 Credit Card Statistics - Discontinued | xls 4257 KB

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