Tracker Mortgage Examination


The Central Bank of Ireland has published the following progress report, infographic and press statement on the continuing Tracker Mortgage Examination. An updated FAQ for consumers has also been published.

Update on Tracker Mortgage Examination - December 2017 | pdf 694 KB Tracker Mortgage Examination Infographic - Dec 2017

Derville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct talks about the latest examination update and the impact of the issue on bank customers in Ireland. She also has advice to those who have received redress/compensation cheques.


Since 2010, the Central Bank of Ireland has identified and pursued tracker mortgage-related issues with lenders. As new issues continued to emerge, we decided that a system-wide review was necessary, to ensure that all lenders are acting in their customers’ best interests.  

We wrote to 15 lenders in December 2015 setting out the framework for carrying out the Tracker Mortgage Examination. The Examination covers all mortgage lenders who have sold tracker mortgages in Ireland at any time in the past. It covers both banks and other regulated lenders, and also includes lenders that are no longer selling mortgages as well as mortgages that have been redeemed or switched to another lender.

The Examination requires all lenders to examine:

  • The extent to which they met their contractual obligations to their customers
  • Their compliance with their obligations under relevant consumer protection regulations in their dealings with their customers
  • Their communications with customers in respect of these matters.

Progress updates

The Examination is progressing and all lenders having commenced redress and compensation. The results are becoming evident in terms of the numbers of people identified and the scale of the redress and compensation paid. Regular progress updates on the Examination have been published. The most recent update was published in December 2017. This update contained a report setting out the progress made by lenders in completing the review and information for consumers on the independent appeals process. A further progress report will be submitted to the Minister for Finance at end-March 2018.

Information for consumers:

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