Credit Institutions


The Governing Council of the European Central Bank has issued two statistical Regulations which outline the statistical reporting requirements for the MFIs resident in the euro area. The Central Bank of Ireland is required to incorporate these requirements into the local statistical reporting framework. The ECB legislation outlining the requirements for Monetary Financial Institution statistics in the euro-area are Regulations, which apply to reporting agents, and a Manual, which gives further guidance on how to report:

BSI Regulation
BSI Guideline
Interest Rate Regulation
Manual on MFI Balance Sheet Statistics
Manual on MFI Interest Rate Statistics
Classification of Public-Sector Entities as Government or non-Government
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Reporting statistical data

The Central Bank of Ireland issues a detailed schedule of submission dates each year. These can be viewed at Schedule of Dates.

Returns and associated documentation can be accessed at the links below.  Please note the RS3, RV3 and RC3 returns are effective from January 2022, the MR1 and SQ2 returns from December 2014.