Climate Change

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Climate change poses risks to economic and financial stability. At Central Bank of Ireland, we are working to understand these risks, their implications and the responses required. This will help ensure we can continue to serve the public interest by maintaining monetary and financial stability.



21 November 2023: "Walking the path – the transition to Net-Zero" -  Remarks by Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery at Climate Finance Week

22 June 2023: Insurance, regulation, and the transition to a net zero economy – Remarks by Gerry Cross, Director of Financial Regulation, Policy & Risk

12 June 2023: “Much done, much more to do – climate risks and the banking sector” – Remarks by Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery

27 March 2023: Climate Change: “In a challenging and uncertain environment, we should not lose sight of climate-related risks and our collective roles in addressing those risks”

18 October 2022: No time to wait: Addressing Climate Risk in the Financial System today – Remarks by Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland and Member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, at Climate Finance Week 2022

1 June 2022: Climate Change: Avoiding the 'Do I Feel Lucky?' school of policymaking - Governor Gabriel Makhlouf at Chatham House's Waddesdon Club of Financial Leaders

28 February 2020: Climate Change, the Financial System and the role of Central Bank - Vasileios Madouros, Director of Financial Stability, Central Bank of Ireland.


SFDR CP Response Letter | pdf 88 KB December 2023: Account of Climate Forum Meeting | pdf 249 KB November 2023: Climate Observatory 2023 | pdf 2516 KB

November 2023 - Surveying the Green Lending Landscape to Households and Non-Financial Corporations

November 2023 - Understanding the Carbon Intensity of Ireland’s Financial Sectors' Securities Holdings

No.4 Going Green - The Growth in Green Mortgage Financing in Ireland (Lambert, Lyons and Carroll) | pdf 833 KB Climate-related Financial Disclosures Report | pdf 866 KB No.1 An Estimate of Climate-Related Transition Risk in Irish Mortgages Lending (Adhikari, Carroll and Lambert) | pdf 454 KB Information note - Sustainable finance and the asset management sector: Disclosures, investment processes & risk management | pdf 723 KB CP151 Climate Change Guidance for (Re)insurers | pdf 432 KB No. 7 Climate Risks in the Financial System - An Overview of Channels Impact and Heterogeneity (Carroll) | pdf 1047 KB The Macroeconomic Implications of Climate Change for Central Banks (McInerney) | pdf 1414 KB Governor Letter – Climate Expectations (November 2021) | pdf 4525 KB Vol.2019, No.1 Climate Change and the Irish Financial System (Lane) | pdf 834 KB