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European Forum for Innovation Facilitators

As a member of the European Forum for Innovation Facilitators (EFIF), we collaborate, engage and share insights with our regulatory peers.

The EFIF provides a platform for supervisors to regularly share experiences from their engagement with firms through innovation facilitators, to exchange technological expertise, and to reach common views on the regulatory treatment of innovative products, services and business models.

The EFIF was established following the 2019 Joint ESA report on regulatory sandboxes and innovation hubs, which identified the need for greater coordination and cooperation between innovation facilitators to support the scaling up of Fintech across the EU single market. The 2019 report was updated in 2023. As well as a list of innovation facilitators in the EEA, the 2023 Report presents recommendations and considerations towards national competent authorities (NCAs), the European Supervisory Authorities and the European Commission to further enhance the role and efficiency of innovation facilitators in the financial sector. 

Regulatory Peers

We also engage extensively with EU and international institutions and with our peers, as we seek to understand their approaches to engage on innovation and to learn from their experiences. This engagement allows us to contribute to the harmonisation of innovation facilities while staying informed about emerging trends and best practices.

EU and International Forums

We are heavily involved in innovation-related and digital finance-related committees across the three European Supervisory Authorities (the European Central Bank including Single Supervisory Mechanism, International Organisation of Securities Commissions, Bank for International Settlements), as well as other EU and international organisations.

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