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Recent speeches by our senior team on innovation in financial services.

29 May 2024 - Technological innovation and financial regulation – a maturing relationship - Remarks by Gerry Cross, Director for Financial Regulation, Policy and Risk

4 March 2024: The Evolving payment landscape in Ireland - Remarks by Vasileios Madouros, Deputy Governor, Monetary and Financial Stability.

29 February 2024: Perspectives and priorities - payments and e-money - Remarks by Mary-Elizabeth McMunn, Director of Banking, Payments and Credit Union Supervision.

7 February 2024: Innovation and Trust – Regulating in the interests of us all – Remarks by Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery at the Milano Hub.

14 November 2023: Maintaining stability in the face of volatility – financial regulation in a rapidly changing world - Remarks by Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery at The Compliance Institute annual conference

11 November 2023: The changing landscape for financial services - Remarks by Gabriel Makhlouf, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland at the Irish League Credit Unions Conference

8 November 2023: Putting principles into practice: how regulation responds to change - Remarks by Governor Makhlouf at the Financial System Conference.

30 May 2023: The evolving crypto landscape - towards the implementation of MiCA - Remarks by Gerry Cross, Director of Financial Regulation, Policy & Risk.


CP156 - Central Bank approach to innovation engagement in financial services

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