Special Purpose Vehicles 


Irish-resident Section 110 companies (SPVs) are obliged to report quarterly data to the Central Bank under Section 18 of the Central Bank Act 1971.

Information regarding the reporting requirement is available below. This includes a how-to guide on the reporting process:

SPV Quarterly Reporting - FAQ Document | pdf 699 KB

Please note that this reporting requirement does not apply to Section 110 companies already reporting to the Central Bank as Financial Vehicle Corporations (see here)


Registering an SPV with the Central Bank must be done using the Excel form below. This form should be submitted to the Central Bank through email to spvstats@centralbank.ie in Excel format. The form should be received by the Central Bank by no later than 7 days before the submission deadline (see FAQ Document for details). This document should not be scanned, printed, or converted to any other format before sending in, and will only be accepted once 'Complete and Ready for Submission' appears on the top of the form.

SPV Registration Form - Guidance Notes | pdf 566 KB SPV Registration Form | xlsx 166 KB

Submission of Data

Data must be submitted by all SPVs by no later than 29 working days from the end-quarter reference date. A full list of reporting deadlines is available at this link: Schedule of Dates

SPV data is reported using the SPV reporting form. This form, along with detailed guidance notes on how to compile the required information, is available below:

SPV Quarterly Reporting - Notes on Compilation | pdf 1093 KB SPEs Worked Examples - December 2017 | pdf 718 KB SPV Reporting Template | xlsx 631 KB SPV Offline Checker | xlsx 2547 KB